Chapter five – Social Studies

Dear readers,

It’s time to present you the last task, we had occasion to do as Kollataj’s Angels Team. In this part of Project Hatters, our job was connect with social studies. We decided to focus our forces on considering matura procedures. Informations which are consist in the post, shows proximity of law and draw attention to how important it is to know our rights in this context.

Our purpose was to find out about the rights for each exam taker as regards the procedure of appealing against the results of the upper-secondary school-leaving exam.

The task consist 4 parts:


Kamila did the research about legal situation in Poland concerning exam takers who would like to make an appeal matura exam results. She got informations about:


  • legislations regulates exam takers problems
  • what judical decision has been made regarding this
  • how many applications per year are made to verify results of the matura exam and in how many cases exam final grades / results have been changed – provide data for 2015 or 2016.


Krzysiek Sobol wrote very general description of the legal situation of a person who would like to appeal against their upper-secondary school leaving exam results in Poland. I checked how does this situation look in a case of students in United States or Ireland.


Krzysiek Majcher read a lots of articels and get to the many sources to find ways to change matura procedures.


I created an emails which I send to the Ministry of Education and the Regional Examination Comission.

After few days, lady from matura exam section, responded for my message. She stated, that questions, I asked were beyond of her competences.

We are disapointed. Especially because, place where we should direct our questions was appropriate. Maybe, we supposed to contact ministry’s worker  personaly – then she would find time for us. We realize, that May is the month, when staff of the Ministry of the Education are busy.


Jagoda made online report describing the effects of our work at each stage.


Here you have link to our presentation:

Kollataj’s Angels Team presentation

Task “Social Studies” turned out to be very demanding job. Anyway we enjoyed working as a team for the last time. This time everyone was really involved. We regret that part with interview didn’t go very well, but matura procedures woke up in us curiosity! We would be very content if we could improve our konwledge in this subject even if it won’t be within project Hatters.

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